For those who love food as much as their guests.



We know everything needs to be perfect on your special day. We offer full catering services to your chosen wedding or event venue. Our menus are customized around your specic needs desires location & budget using locally sourced produce cooked to the highest standard. Dolce Passione offers the solution to all of your catering needs from Food, Cater-hire and Beverage.


A fun and creative way of dining in a relaxed and informal manner. We offer innovative services such as Your Street Food – it’s like tapas of the world such as Middle Eastern, Greek, Caribbean, Italian, Asian - fun, relaxed, funky with new & exciting avours. Your Street Food offers food lovers a unique opportunity to sample some of the world’s great avours throughout a event or day and can be used into many occasions such as weddings, your home dining or festivals. We use trusted cooking techniques in a fun and interactive way to produce a memorable dining experience for you and guests.


What better way to celebrate a special occasion than to have a ne dining experience in the comfort of your own home or wherever you feel at home. Dolce Passione Catering creates menus with the client, for the client, and ensures they are cooked to perfection. Let us bring the restaurant experience to your home. Sit back, relax & let us do the work!
Krenar has since 2000 provided events catering & private dinner catering for the US Embassy London & its personal.


For the more conventional menus-You have an option to choose one of three starters, threemain courses and three desserts.
Simply choose your Canape / Starter / Main /Dessert / Evening Snack to work out your estimated total food cost. In addition to food cost you may have cater-hire costs, depending on your venue’s facilities.